Founding Story

As Petros Palandjian grew up in a large family, he became more and more aware of the amount of waste generated by households. 

Like most of his peers, he was concerned about how our consumer society dumps massive amounts of plastic into our oceans and landfills—despite the recycling system. Petros tried his best to reduce the amount of waste he produced personally. 


In time, he learned about refill stores where he could purchase products and reuse his own containers. The shops were obscure and pricey, and refilling was messy. Petros felt they were better suited for die-hard zero-wasters who were making a huge effort to circumvent the system. He struggled to fit trips to refill stores into his busy schedule.

Petros felt powerless as an individual to make a meaningful impact. And he was discouraged that most people didn’t think twice about the waste generated each time they had a virgin bottle of product delivered in a cardboard box or non-recyclable Amazon bag.


One day, the LED lightbulb went on in his head. 

If refilling was as easy as e-commerce, more people would prevent more plastics from entering the waste stream. Petros set out to make a refill service that’s convenient and scalable.

He started buying personal care and home care products in bulk. He sold really great products to his neighbors in Boston. When they had used up a bottle, he gave them a full one and took back the empty to sanitize, refill, and reuse for the next customer. 

Good Filling was born: the world’s first distributed refill service


With Boston as the breeding ground, Petros and the Good Filling team have proven the model and are now making sustainability more accessible to all.

Good Filling Trading Posts are installed in well-trafficked retail locations where within 1 business day customers can pick up orders and drop off empties. There are now 7 in and around Boston, and more cities are on the horizon.

Customers may choose package-free home delivery in the Boston area. Shipping is also available in compostable mailers across the US.

Apartment buildings partner with Good Filling to offer residents on-site bottle exchanges. There are now 12 participating buildings. Some are already signed up to try a new fleet of innovative Good Filling Stations.

Good Filling now distributes Seventh Generation, Puracy, Oneka, The Unscented Company, and products from other high-quality, sustainable brands. And more brands are lining up.

As the community of Good Filling customers, suppliers, and buildings grows, the volume of plastics entering our waste stream, landfills, and waterways shrink.