Good Filling manages the entire refill process on your behalf. You don't have to worry about cleaning nor rinsing your bottle. We'll pick up your empty bottle, bring it back to our store, rinse it, sanitize it, disinfect it, then refill it for another order.

You do not always get the same bottle back. We operate as a bottle exchange program, and so your bottle can be used for any number of orders in the future, but will be reused!

Unfortunately the answer is no. The FTC under guidance from the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) requires that we properly label all of our supplies including ingredients, size, manufacturing location, and more.

Furthermore, we firmly believe in transparency. As a supplier we have an obligation to our users to give them the experience they expect. We do not want our laundry detergent to be mistaken for a kombucha bottle. We cannot predict who will use the bottle you take home and find it best to properly label the bottle.

We always use our manufacturer's packaging for the first virgin product, but then reuse this packaging for future refills. Most of our manufacturer's packaging lasts for 14+ reuses. Many of our manufacturers also run programs to use recycled plastic and/or offset any virgin plastic.

We are actively seeking for alternatives that

Yes! We believe refills are for everyone and especially you. Send us an email with the location you'd like added as well as a few ideas for businesses or buildings to partner with. You can reach us at Contact@goodfilling.com

Yes- Good Filling has plans to expand to New York City in the fall of 2021, as we roll out a new service model that makes the refilling process even cheaper and easier. We hope to add other cities soon.

We collect all used bottles at our retail location. We then rinse the bottles thoroughly using the same technology bars use to rinse glasses. We then let the bottle dry for ~24 hours. We then spray All Natural Disinfectant Spray provided by Puracy inside the bottle and let it dry for ~24 hours. Lastly we rinse the bottle again, before drying and refilling.

We make it our goal to give you the same quality as a virgin product, and rarely can you tell the difference.

We offer four options:

  • Free:
    • Public Trading Posts: We offer free pick-up and delivery of our sustainable products to Public Trading Posts throughout Greater Boston.  We partner with small businesses and property managers to establish the Trading Posts in areas that are accessible to the public.  More info can be found at Public Trading Posts.  Our team hand-delivers the product waste-free and utilizing gas-less transportation.
    • In-Building Bottle Exchanges: We offer free pick-up and delivery of our sustainable products to In Building Bottle Exchanges throughout Greater Boston.  We partner with apartment complexes and office buildings to establish the bottle exchanges in areas that are accessible to their residents and tenants.  More info can be found at Bottle Exchanges.  Our team hand-delivers the product waste-free and utilizing gas-less transportation.
  • Paid:
    • Local Home Delivery ($5): We offer $5 delivery of our sustainable products to homes within the 128 corridor of MA.  Our team hand-delivers the product waste-free and utilizing gas-less transportation.  We ask that you leave the empties in a location accessible to our team.  More info can be found at Home Delivery.
    • Shipping: We offer shipping of our sustainable products to anyone without access to another delivery method.  More info about our shipping practices can be found at Shipping.

    The plastic bottles we use for most of our products have a much longer usable life than standard plastic. Additionally, for products that live in the shower, we would not feel comfortable using glass incase the bottle falls while being used and shatters. Not all plastics are created equal, and although we would love to get rid of them, for now the plastic bottles we use are the best reusable option for our products.

    In a normal world (pre-covid), once empty, we returned the containers to our suppliers who refill them for us. During the pandemic, our suppliers have stopped accepting the containers, so we have been donating them to local groups (e.g. farmers markets and gardening communities) who repurpose them. If you are a group that could use 1 or 5 gallon containers, feel free to message us at Contact@goodfilling.com

    As we continue to grow and look for new suppliers to work with, we continue to use the same benchmark we have from the start: does this product align with our goal of making zero-waste more accessible for everyone. So far this has meant working with all-natural suppliers (who we love!), and while we will continue to carry these products we will also expand to products that may be more accessible to everyone.

    We aim to make being eco conscious more convenient for everyone, buying from us cuts down on the total packaging used when sending the products, additionally, we sell for the same price as our suppliers.

    Yes, we are now able to ship our products in compostable packaging with a compostable label to people outside of our standard service area. There is a small shipping fee associated with mail orders.

    Sorry, we only ship within the continental United States at the moment, with an emphasis on shipping to locations closer to our distribution hubs where transit waste is minimized.

    We aim to work with companies who agree with our view on reducing waste, however we cannot control some of the waste that is associated with our orders. When there is waste we do our best to repurpose the material. We do our best to minimize waste on our end so there is none on your end.

    Please reference our Refund Policy. You can also contact us (Contact@goodfilling.com) if you have any issues with an order and we will do our best to find a solution that works for you.