Good Filling

Is the largest designer, assembler and operator of self-serve, zero-waste refill vending machines. Our various machines are capable of dispensing a wide range of products including home-care, personal-care, beverages, shelf-stable foods and more. We offer communities an accessible and affordable way to help the planet.

Our Good Filling Stations allow consumers to BYO (Bring Your Own). By reusing their own containers, it prevents plastics from entering the waste stream and our environment.

With Stations across the United States, and many more on their way, we’re bringing convenience to the zero-waste movement.

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Customer Testimonials


I'm used to getting upcharged for zero-waste products, but they're actually cheaper than buying in-store.

A much needed solution

for our plastic waste. I can finally get easy refills without long drives to zero-waste stores.

I'm never buying virgin plastic again

Met the team who showed me to hold the bottle directly up to the nozzle- which helped so much!

I'm so glad to have this in my building!

I'll never have to lug a heavy detergent bottle again. Plus who doesn't love saving plastic and money.

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NBC Boston

Local Company Looks to Reduce Plastic Waste With Refillable Machines.

“Let's take this idea of these zero waste stores that are offering refillable products and kind of zero waste products and make it easier for people to access,” said Palandjian.

He created automated machines that dispense liquid products from hand soap and detergent to body wash and shampoo.

Sustainable Packaging Podcast

Could we have refill stations on every corner?

Is this the end of small plastic single use containers?

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

Premium Beauty News: How Good Filling’s vending machines can help close the loop on waste

Boston Business Journal

"This startup tackles plastic waste on a personal level..." "The World's plastic problem can feel overwhelming, with startling statistics that reveal how hard it will be to reverse... Only 8.7% of overall plastic was recycled in 2018."

Boston's Best Podcast

"This week, I am joined by Petros Palandjian, Founder of Good Filling Company, a zero-waste, all-natural refill service for home-care and personal-care products. Good Filling Company brings convenience to the #ZeroWasteMovement by providing Bostonians with 100% all-natural, refillable products to make a positive impact."