Good Filling Stations

What if refills were more convenient, accessible and cheap than their single-use competitors?

Introducing our newest refilling innovation, Good Filling Stations... Fill any bottle with one of four products of your choosing.


While we transition our existing locations to this high-tech, on-demand and waste-reducing station, please let us know if interested for your building, business, school, hotel, store, etc by contacting:

In proud partnership with Soapstand.  

How To

5 easy steps, with zero-waste and zero-plastic.

  1. Choose your product
  2. Choose the size of your container
  3. Pay for the product using the QR code on the screen
  4. Dispense until filled
  5. Walk away with a pep in your step

Tips & Tricks

  1. Hold the bottle up to the nozzle
  2. Give the device an extra ~2-3 seconds to allow for any remaining drops from the tube
  3. Use an appropriately sized container (note: containers below 12 oz. are more prone to splashing)
  4. Save your contact information for next time, to make a quicker purchase
  5. Stop just short of a full bottle to allow for foaming and displacement by inserting the cap, pump or spray top.

Liquid is pumped from 5 gallon buckets to the nozzle.  All products use separate buckets, tubes and pumps to avoid contamina