Good Filling Stations

What if refills were more convenient, accessible and cheap than their single-use competitors?

Introducing our newest refilling innovation, Good Filling Stations... Fill any bottle with one of four products of your choosing.


While we transition our existing locations to this high-tech, on-demand and waste-reducing station, please let us know if interested for your building, business, school, hotel, store, etc by contacting:

In proud partnership with Soapstand.  

How To

5 easy steps, with zero-waste and zero-plastic.

  1. Choose your product
  2. Choose the size of your container
  3. Pay for the product using the QR code on the screen
  4. Dispense until filled
  5. Walk away with a pep in your step

Tips & Tricks

  1. Hold the bottle up to the nozzle
  2. Give the device an extra ~2-3 seconds to allow for any remaining drops from the tube
  3. Use an appropriately sized container (note: containers below 12 oz. are more prone to splashing)
  4. Save your contact information for next time, to make a quicker purchase
  5. Stop just short of a full bottle to allow for foaming and displacement by inserting the cap, pump or spray top.


Liquid is pumped from 5 gallon buckets to the nozzle.  All products use separate buckets, tubes and pumps to avoid contamination.

We apologize- we're a new and growing company committed to making it right.  Reach out to and we'll get back to you immediately with a refund and / or a discount code to buy a new dispense.




es, in fact you're encouraged to!  While the dispensing is agnostic to bottle type, size, etc.  We highly encourage you to bring a properly sized, cleaned and labeled container to the device.  Containers that are too large or too small are prone to splashing and spilling.  Unclean bottles are prone to adverse reactions with our product.  Improperly labeled containers are a risk to users, as they might not be aware of the ingredients, directions for use and other information.  It is your responsibility as the purchaser and filler to properly size, clean and label your containers.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility as the purchaser and filler to: thoroughly clean and properly label any containers you choose to fill.  We are not liable for your failure to do so.