Core Values


  • We know and understand that consumers are busy, overtaxed and tired.  Through our expansive network of Good Filling Stations, we seek to make our services as convenient and simple as possible.
  • At times “zero-waste” can feel exclusive and a term only for those at the forefront of sustainable living.  We seek to break down this barrier and help more people along their journey towards zero-waste
  • Many sustainable decisions come with a “Green Premium” and are either more expensive or harder to access.  We’re flipping the script and offering discounts to customers making sustainable decisions.


    • Consumerism has overtaken sustainability and is in dire need of a correction.  Our environments and communities are not in balance and are being overwhelmed by the waste we create.
    • Sustainability as a consumer is hard and time consuming to measure.  Researching every product’s supply chain is exhausting.  At Good Filling, we only partner with the most sustainable and closed-loop businesses we can- so you don’t have to worry about your impact.


      • Because reducing waste is a universal goal, we seek to empower and enable our communities to make their difference.  An individual’s actions aren’t sufficient for overcoming today’s challenges: we need systematic change.  What better way to effect change than to empower?
      • The overwhelming facts about ecological destruction and climate change often have people feeling helpless, confused or unequipped.  Our company, our services and our staff are here to help and point you along the path towards change.


        • For hundreds of years businesses and corporations have tricked consumers into making unsustainable decisions.  They have profited off of distrust, false advertisement and green washing.
        • Good Filling is an open book.  We list all of our manufacturers and partners on our website.  If you have a question or comment- just ask (