Partner With Us


5 Reasons to Partner With Good Filling:

  • 20-30% cheaper products than Amazon, Retail and our very own suppliers
  • More convenient than convenience stores
  • Faster delivery than Amazon without any waste
  • In demand ESG amenity that improves GRESB and LEED scoring
  • Cleaner and healthier community with less single-use plastic

How to Partner:

  • Reach out to our founder, Petros Palandjian through our main email account or phone line:
    • Email:
    • Cell: (339) 298-7100

What is a Good Filling Station?

  • Automated refill machine for home and personal-care products
  • Stocks and dispenses up to 4 products
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  • The machine does not spill at all
  • Good Filling is fully insured to meet all your needs across: GL, XS, Auto, Workers Comp, etc.
  • We typically stock our machines with all-natural products, but are open to product suggestions
  • All we need is WiFi (or ethernet) and a standard electrical outlet
  • We have 20-30 pre-drafted documents to be used as collateral
  • We report back the plastic savings on a monthly basis
  • It is zero-effort from you + your team.  Good Filling stocks and operates the machine