For many Americans, starting a morning with a cup of hot coffee is non-negotiable. People all over the world love coffee so much that people in the U.S. drink 146 billion cups of coffee each year. Unfortunately, the coffee we get at coffee shops or cafes needs to be put in something and most times it’s a plastic cup. We order our latte, pick up a disposable sleeve, sip for a few minutes, then toss the cup right in the garbage–all in the name of convenience.  

That’s not the only waste that comes from coffee, either! According to sustainability researcher Gunter Pauli, global coffee production generates more than 23 million tons of trash per year – but it doesn’t need to be that way. 

First, it’s important to seek out ethical, sustainable, and local coffee options! Shops like Cefe Iterum in Boston promise a fair wage for employees and ethically-sourced ingredients. To us, the simplest solution to tackling our coffee waste issue (aside from supporting local) is by taking single-use plastic out of the equation. 

Coffee Production and Environmental Impact

To understand why we need a solution for coffee waste in the U.S., it’s important to know the facts: 

Infographic with various statistics about coffee consumption and waste. Infographic provided by

The numbers don’t lie, and although it can be frustrating to learn just how much damage we’re doing with a daily habit, we can easily make a shift towards a sustainable solution! How do we continue to enjoy a daily coffee without single-use plastic? By refilling and reusing! 

How Good Filling is Making an Impact


A photo of a self-service drink machine called a Hydration Station in front of a neon sign that reads “Good Filling”.


With Good Filling Hydration Stations, we’re proud to introduce a new way to refill your coffee and tea. In partnership with Blue Crew Coffee, Good Filling is installing self-service refilling stations of delicious cold brew and tea. It’s never been more convenient to have premium drinks while doing your part for the planet! 

Here’s what you need: Bring your own clean container to the machine and a credit card whenever you need your caffeine fix – the Hydration Station’s self-serve technology allows you to access beverages 24/7, with no attendant or employee required. 

Here's how to operate: Simply use the touch screen to make a selection for the type of drink you want to refill.  Tap that selection for each ounce that you want to pour.  If unsure, try a standard pour of 8 ounces.  Don't worry- we'll credit your account with any unused ounces. Then, click "pay" in the upper right corner and use our tap-to-pay system.  Once paid, hold your container under the nozzle and pull back the lever to dispense your refill.  You’ll leave sipping a delicious coffee while knowing you helped save one single-use cup from entering the landfill. 

Good Filling is installing Hydration Stations throughout the east coast, with more machines on the way. You can find a self-service station now at various apartment communities and office parks throughout Boston. To bring these innovative machines to more people and residents, we’re partnering with apartments, condos, local businesses, and more to install and host Hydration Stations. 

With Good Filling’s newly launched Hydration Stations, there’s now an easier way to enjoy coffee and tea while supporting sustainable, local businesses in Boston. With more machines on the way, follow Good Filling on Instagram and TikTok to stay up to date on the newest locations. 

Meet our Partner Sail Away Coffee


An image of Sail Away’s Maple Vanilla Cold Brew being poured out of a can into a glass on a table.


Good Filling’s new Hydration Stations are not only innovative, but they’re stocked with delicious drinks from our friends at Sail Away Coffee. Christopher Vetter, the Founder of Sail Away, started his beverage business after he was on the road with his band and discovered a deep appreciation and curiosity for quality coffee.

With many long days and nights on the road, a coffee stop was a must... wherever we could get it. Tasting and educating myself about coffee from various regions throughout my travels was an eye opener as to what top quality coffee tastes like.” - Christopher Vetter

After spending months crafting unique flavors, Sail Away has grown to become known as “the smoothest cold brew ever”. In partnership with Good Filling and Blue Crew Coffee, Sail Away now stocks the following beverages in each Hydration Station so people can have access to a more sustainable and delicious drink: Classic Cold Brew, Nitro Cold Brew, Maple Vanilla Cold Brew, and Strawberry Hibiscus Tea. 

About Good Filling

Good Filling runs and operates automated refill machines for home-care, personal-care and beverage products, offering homes an accessible and affordable way to help the planet.

Our Good Filling Stations allow consumers to reuse their own containers to prevent plastics from entering the waste stream.

With Stations across the United States, and many more on their way, we’re bringing convenience to the zero-waste movement. To learn more about Good Filling Stations and to find one near you, click here.

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