It’s almost 2023, and the movement to go green isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Research states that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, and the city of Boston has made enormous strides in offering eco-friendly alternatives to shopping for food, household, and even beauty products. Today, finding local businesses that want to take care of our environment is getting even easier, so here are 10 sustainable businesses that you can support here in Boston! 

Eco-Friendly Grocery and Food Stores 

Convenience is sold and marketed to consumers on a daily basis, and where you buy your food can have a direct impact on the planet. Unfortunately, about 30 percent of food in American grocery stores is thrown away, and large U.S. retail stores generate about 16 billion pounds of food waste every year. Not only is the food going to waste, but we often see food items that contain unnecessary amounts of packaging (does corn on the cob really need to be covered in cling wrap?). Luckily, an easy way to divert food waste from landfills is by making sure that we actually use what we buy! In order to do so, we have to rethink how we’re buying and consuming food right now, and make an effort to shop for local and sustainable alternatives for our grocery needs. Here are four Boston grocery stores that have a commitment to sustainability and producing less waste in our community. 

    • Boston Organics: This Boston business provides access to fresh, organic produce with its unique delivery system. They’ll source organic produce and groceries for you, and you’ll be able to build your own box that fits your lifestyle and is delivered to your door on a regular schedule! 

    • Daily TableThis local nonprofit is on a mission to provide nutritious, delicious food…for 30% less than other supermarkets. The Boston community can shop online or in-store to view their regular deals on produce, snacks, and more. We love their commitment to making better-for-you food more accessible to people in our city! Daily Table also accepts SNAP and EBT. 

    • Supply Bulk Foods: The most effective way to reduce our own food packaging waste is by purchasing food in bulk with containers we already have. Supply Bulk Foods is working to fix the statistic that says Massachusetts is ranked 3rd in the nation for food scarcity, and they’re doing it by offering large quantities of dry food for pick up around town (without the plastic!). 

    • Ariston Olive Oil“Ariston” is Greek for “the very best”, and that’s what this local olive oil business is all about. What started in 1997 has grown to a beloved brand for premium unsurpassed oils and vinegars at an affordable price. Plus, they have their very own refill program to help cut back on waste! 

Eco-Friendly Household Products 

A photo of a customer at the checkout counter of Uvida, Boston’s first zero-waste store.

Have you ever opened up the cabinet under your kitchen sink to take stock of just how much plastic we collect over time? Unfortunately, most of the bottles and containers rarely get recycled and end up in landfills or incinerators. With more than 95% of all plastic not being recycled, it’s time for all of us to seek out ways to lessen the waste we’re creating at home. 

  • Uvida: Our friends at Uvida started Boston’s first zero-waste store to help people start living more sustainably. Their shop is currently located in the North End and Brookline, where people can stop by to shop zero waste products for their home as well as view their selection of plants! 

  • Cambridge NaturalsWe love supporting this family-owned and operated eco-friendly business! Their mission is to provide the best choices in natural wellness products and the team is dedicated to sourcing products locally, organically, and ethically via fair trade and direct trade channels. Plus, they’re certified as a Sustainable Business Leader by SBN Massachusetts! 

  • Good Filling CompanyWe couldn’t finish this list without telling you about our own mission to tackle single-use plastic waste! At Good Filling, we offer all-natural products for home and body—plus an easy way to help the planet. Enjoy high-quality, name-brand soaps, lotions, detergents, surface sprays, and more. When the bottle is empty, continue using it and get a discounted refill at one of the many Good Filling Stations located around town. 

Eco-Friendly Coffee Shops 

A photo of a green cup on top of a table filled with coffee.

According to the International Coffee Organization, roughly 600 billion paper and plastic cups are used worldwide – which means that once these are used, the cups (and lids) are likely disposed of in the trash. 

If you live in the United States, the statistics are even more staggering: it’s estimated that we throw away more than 50 billion paper coffee cups with lids every year, and one of the biggest culprits is Starbucks (they are responsible for roughly 7 billion cups per year). So what’s the solution? To us, it includes supporting small, local coffee shops and cafes that can make a delicious cup of joe without sacrificing quality or sustainability. 

  • Cafe Iterum: Located in East Boston on the ground floor retail space at Clippership Wharf, Cafe Iterum is redefining the new American cafe. Stop by “Eastie’s new zero-waste cafe” and you’ll not only find great coffee and delicious food, but you’ll see an unwavering commitment to sustainability, too! 

Want to know about more Boston coffee shops that are taking an eco-friendly approach to their brew? Check out our full list here.

Eco-Friendly Restaurants in Boston 

A photo of a falafel sandwich with purple cabbage and a creamy dressing.

Boston has an incredible food scene and having a night out at a restaurant is one of our favorite things to do here! While it’s entirely possible to make sustainable choices at many restaurants by avoiding takeout, not using plastic straws, and ordering what you know you’ll realistically eat – it’s also fun to discover foodie spots that are working to make our planet a better place! 

  • Ten TablesKnown as a true neighborhood restaurant, Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain prides itself in being a farm-to-table establishment. Their seasonal menus are created in collaboration with local growers that practice sustainable farming.  

  • Clover Food LabThis Boston-based spot is on a mission to heal our planet with 15 restaurants around the Boston Metro Area and their very own meal subscription delivery service. Driven by the belief that we all need to eat less meat to combat climate change, Clover Food Lab has an incredible list of veggie-focused foods to help keep you full and protect the environment. 

About Good Filling Company 

Our Good Filling Stations allow consumers to reuse their containers to prevent plastics from entering the waste stream. With Stations across the North East, and many more on their way, we’re bringing convenience to the zero-waste movement. To learn more about Good Filling Stations and to find one near you, click here

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