An Introduction to our Blog

The Journey

Introducing Good Filling's new blog: The Journey, a reference to our collective and endless journey towards zero-waste.

If you've made it this far, odds are you're at least curious about zero-waste, which means you're already on the journey.  Congratulations- as curiosity is a great motivator along your travels!

In this blog, we will explore topics geared for newcomers to the zero-waste movement, intermediate zero-wasters and experts.  We will tag each of our posts with "Novice Navigator", "Casual Commuter" or "Avid Adventurer", ranging in level of difficulty, so you can select the topics most relevant to your journey.

We seek humility in our writing.  We are all human and therefor prone to error and we recognize that all humans produce waste.  We understand both the satisfaction but also the hardship that comes along with the journey towards zero waste.  Our goal is to help you navigate along your own journey- so that you may recognize obstacles, discover shortcuts and progress both quickly and joyously.  That said- our writers aren't perfect, so you'll see first hand how we might trip and fall, take detours, and at times: walk in place.

We have three primary writers in this blog: Petros Palandjian, Brittany Schmus and Zack Farkas, as well as a few guest writers.  The author of each post will also be tagged so that you can find the writing style that speaks most to you.  We'll also open up the blog posts to comments- so feel free to reach out if you have questions, want to connect or have suggestions for another post.

We'd like to officially welcome you to our blog, and thank you for all that you do for this planet.


TLDR: The Journey gives an approachable portrayal of different zero-waste topics, for those starting out to those already producing minimal waste.

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