Shipping Practices

In an effort to serve more people with an accessible refill option, we've decided to add shipping throughout the Continental United States.

We recognize that shipping is not truly zero-waste, and therefore only use it as a last resort (e.g. if we don't hand deliver to your state or region).  We also take every precaution available to reduce the waste involved in shipping.  We believe that the benefit of reducing plastic waste outweighs the negatives of our shipping practices, but will let you make the ultimate decision.  We do encourage you to first look for local refill options.

Facts about our shipping practices:

  • Shipments are sent in compostable bags provided by WasteBased
    • Please note that compostable bags are not better for the environment if improperly wasted and not given sufficient oxygen to degrade.
  • Shipping labels utilize compostable labels provided by NoIssue
  • Shipments come with compostable return labels (for sending us the empties) and the compostable bag can be reused for the return
    • We then compost all returned bags
  • Shipments are sent via USPS
    • We pay for CO2 credits to offset all shipping emissions
  • All Trading Posts and Bottle Exchange still use hand delivery as these produce the least waste.